Sympathy Wine Gift Baskets & More

Extend a compassionate gesture of support during moments of bereavement with our thoughtful sympathy baskets. Share your heartfelt condolences through a carefully curated arrangement that goes beyond words. Our baskets are filled with a selection of soothing fruits and nuts, provide solace during this most difficult time....

Customize your expression of care by adding a custom ribbon featuring your personalized message or logo. It's not just a gift; it's a symbol of unwavering support and understanding. The delicate balance of comforting elements within each basket reflects our commitment to offering solace and companionship to the grieving. Trust us to handle the delivery with utmost care, ensuring that your message of condolence reaches the bereaved in a meaningful and compassionate way. In these moments of sorrow, let our sympathy baskets convey the warmth and comfort that words alone may not express.

NOTE: The name of the basket is for order recognition purposes only; it will not appear on the gift basket or the box it comes in. So, for example, you could choose our "Celebrate" basket to send as a sympathy basket, without worrying about a basket title which is inappropriate to the occasion.

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