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Contains Fresh Fruit and/or Cheese: Restrictions May Apply

Heartfelt Condolences All Fruit Shiva Basket

SKU: 612-KP
Express your condolences during this difficult time, with a kosher shiva basket filled with an 11 piece assortment of farm fresh fruit.



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  • Eleven pieces of farm fresh fruit
  • This basket is Kosher and certified OK-Pareve
  • Black bamboo basket
If you wish to console your recipient during a difficult time in their lives, our winebasket.com staff has specifically curated a Heartfelt Condolences All Fruit Shiva Basket for this purpose. You can express your sympathy and provide a sense of comfort for recipients who are grieving the loss of someone close to them. Additionally, you can assure your recipient they are never alone, and you are here to support them every step of the way. A kind gesture goes a long way and can give the recipient enough strength and courage to heal their pain.

Your recipient can enjoy complete peace of mind knowing all fruits in this gift basket are certified Kosher and OK-Pareve. There are 11 pieces of fruits arranged in a black bamboo basket. The natural sweetness of these fruits may help recipients put aside negative emotions at least for a little, to enjoy the moment and let each second pass faster. In some cases, people who are grieving may skip meals. These healthy and vitamin-packed fruits can provide some of the nutrients they need to avoid falling sick.

Gift Basket Features:
  • An assortment of 11 premium farm-picked fresh fruits which are Kosher and certified OK-Pareve, suitable for consumption by any individual
  • This gift basket is perfect for moments when your friends, family, or coworkers need comfort
  • It comes in a sophisticated black bamboo basket
Heartfelt Condolences All Fruit Shiva Basket

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