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Irresistible Bakery Basket

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Who can resist a rectangular basket filled with delicious baked goods? Nobody we know…



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  • Walnut brownie
  • White chocolate lemon brownie
  • Fudge brownie
  • Peanut butter chip brownie
  • Butterscotch blondie
  • Chocolate chip blondie
  • Original crumb cakes
  • Raspberry crumb cakes
  • Chocolate crumb cakes
  • Cranberry nut loaf cake 
  • Marble loaf cake
  • Raspberry crumb bar
  • Plain rugelach
  • Chocolate rugelach 
  • This basket is Kosher and certified OK-Dairy
  • Rectangular basket
Do you know someone who likes baked products or pastries? If so, our winebasket.com team has you covered with our Irresistible Bakery Basket. This gift basket contains a wonderful selection of brownies, blondies, cakes, and rugelach. Who can resist a rectangular basket filled with delicious baked goods? Try our gourmet fudge walnut, white chocolate lemon, fudge, and peanut butter chip brownies; butterscotch, and chocolate chip blondies; original, raspberry, and chocolate crumb cakes; cranberry nut, and marble loaf cakes; a raspberry crumb bar, and plain and chocolate rugelach. If you are planning to host a holiday gathering, this gift basket will take the stress out of preparing snacks.

After all of the food in this gift basket has been consumed, the stylish wicker basket may be used for storing other things or for decorating your living spaces. The Irresistible Bakery Basket will brighten anyone's day and satisfy their bellies. It is ideal for a holiday snack on a cold wintry day. It also comes with an adorable ribbon in the color of your choice, to make the snacking experience even better.

Gift Basket Features:
  • Every food item is certified Kosher and OK-Dairy.
  • Individually packaged food items.
  • The wicker basket can be used for storage and decoration after the treats have been eaten.
Irresistible Bakery Basket

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