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Contains Fresh Fruit and/or Cheese: Restrictions May Apply

Fifth Avenue Fruit Gift Basket

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A prestigious 11-piece fresh fruit arrangement plus a wide assortment of gourmet delicacies is bound to impress at any address!



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  • Eleven pieces of farm fresh fruit 
  • Smoked Gouda cheese
  • Cheddar cheese with Parmesan notes
  • Citterio Napoli sliced salame
  • Scrocchi pizza crackers
  • Divina Italian olives
  • Cucina & Amore artichoke bruschetta
  • Italione Cabernet & fig preserves
  • Artisan truffles in a gift box
  • David’s Cookies raspberry linzer tarts 
  • David's Cookies pistachio leaf cookies
  • Small Batch Organics cherry granola bark
  • Chocolate candy coated almonds
  • Roasted cashews
  • Fabric-lined open weave wicker basket

If you are looking for a perfect token or gift for a specific occasion, nothing beats ordering a basket filled with fresh fruits together with an assortment of goodies. The Fifth Avenue Fruit Gift Basket from winebasket.com is a crowd-pleaser   with a variety of foods and treats to which caters to different taste buds and complement different meals.

The David’s Cookies raspberry linzer tarts and pistachio leaf cookies, Small Batch Organics cherry granola bark, chocolate candy coated almonds, and roasted cashews  can be eaten as a snack or as a light meal during tea time to accompany drinks such as coffee and tea during the winter holidays.

Then there is the Cucina & Amore artichoke bruschetta which goes well with the Cheddar cheese and olives and can be eaten as an appetizer. There are also eleven types of fruits (i.e., apples, pears, and oranges) in the gift basket for a healthier snack or they can be chopped up and incorporated into your meals and desserts. Our fabric-lined open weave wicker basket is the site of smoked Gouda cheese, Cheddar cheese with Parmesan notes, Citterio Napoli sliced salame, Scrocchi pizza crackers, Divina Italian olives.

Gift Basket Features:
  • The contents of the gift basket are arranged neatly in a fabric-lined open weave wicker basket to give off a classic, simple and traditional display. It brings out the bright and fresh colors of the different food contents.
  • This gift basket is a winter-exclusive fruit basket.
  • The Cheddar and Gouda cheese have vastly different flavors and pair well with different types of dishes and meals.
Fifth Avenue Fruit Gift Basket

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